Yuna & Eric

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Eric Yang


Yuna Yuan

September 16, 2023

Stanford, CA

How We Met

We met during a lunch with a mutual friend and thought each other would be great LinkedIn connection in the future. Then we took mathematical finance and algorithm trading together in Stanford and developed solid 'friendship' after that. Finally, Yuna went to Chicago for an interview and Eric's comment about that company was 'very close to my place' instead of objective pros and cons. And that's the official beginning of the story.

The Proposal

The proposal was disguised as a DC cherry blossom trip. While we lined up to view the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Yuna did not know that another squad of West Coast friends were secretly preparing the stage for her own diamond. Thinking that she was getting some snacks after a full day of walking from friends' hotel room, she was instead welcomed by music and flowers, then of course, followed by me dropping down on one knee. In tears, she said "YES". What a wonderful blooming day!