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July 20, 2024

赤峰(Chifeng), 中国(China)


Met in NYC, Travel around the world

In the bustling heart of NYC, where dreams converge and tales intertwine, Sean, the vibrant Irish American, met Yifan, the spirited Northeast Chinese beauty. Both drawn to the city's allure for education, they seamlessly transitioned to leave their mark in its professional arena. United by shared values and fervor for life, their partnership epitomizes dedication and zest in both personal and professional spheres. Their journey, spanning continents, continually enriches their lives as they infuse each other with courage and profound insights. 在繁忙的纽约市中心,梦想交汇,故事交织,充满活力的爱尔兰裔美国人Sean遇到了来自中国东北的灵动女生一帆。他们都被这座城市的魅力所吸引,从学业过渡到专业领域留下了自己的印记。他们因共同的价值观和对生活的热情而团结,无论在私人还是职业生活中,他们都充满了奉献和热情。跨越不同大陆的经历丰富了他们的生活,他们为彼此的生活注入持续的勇气和深刻的洞察力。

求婚(The Proposal)

Aug 25, 2023 夏威夷求婚之旅

On a day where the weather was nothing short of perfect, Sean planned a unique and intimate surprise for his beloved Yifan. They flew by helicopter, their hearts pulsing with anticipation, to the breathtakingly beautiful Manawaiopuna Falls, located on an isolated Hawaiian island. The remote waterfall, known to a few, veiled in pristine wilderness, plunged 400 feet into a lush, wooded valley. As they hovered above this majestic spectacle, the gravity of the moment synchronized with the rhythm of the cascading water. Sean, with a hopeful gleam in his eyes, turned to Yifan, his love echoing the resounding falls, and asked for her hand in marriage. Overwhelmed with emotion, Yifan uttered a joyous "yes," the echoes of which seemed to dance with the waterfall's spray. As if in celebration, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, casting an ethereal light on the newly engaged couple, promising a future as radiant and timeless as the sunshine itself.

美国婚礼(USA wedding)

07.23.2022 The first chapter of our marriage

Under the serene ambiance of the First Baptist Church in Ohio, Yifan and Sean exchanged vows as the noon sun cast a golden hue. Welcoming over 100 cherished guests hailing from every corner of the USA, their unique ceremony harmoniously blended Chinese traditions with the American spirit, evoking awe-inspired remarks of "first time in my life seeing this." As the celebrations continued, guests were ushered into a reception adorned with abundant roses, flower chandeliers, and summer-inspired decor that painted a scene of pure enchantment. 在俄亥俄州的第一浸信会教堂,一帆和Sean在正午的金色阳光下交换誓言。来自美国各地的超过130位宾客齐聚一堂,他们独特的婚礼巧妙地融合了中国传统婚礼礼节与教堂婚礼传统,引起了宾客的惊叹与称赞:“这是我人生中第一次见到这样的场景。”当庆祝活动继续进行,舞会厅装饰着满满的香槟色玫瑰、爵士乐队演绎着80年代的经典曲目,Sean与一帆的第一支舞来自于芭蕾舞剧“威尼斯狂欢节”的选段,两人的默契让改编过的曲目更加打动人心!

中国婚礼(China Wedding)

07.20.2024 跨越两年的第二乐章

We are excited to invite you to celebrate the second part of Yifan and Sean’s wedding! Join us as we come together in Yifan's hometown, Chifeng, to honor both of our cultures. Experience the elegance and tradition of a Chinese wedding ceremony, followed by a vibrant modern dance party. Guest are not only time travelling to the 1000 years ago of glorious China, but also experiencing the Mongolian culture within the wedding rituals, music, and food&drinks! 如今我们诚挚地邀请您参加一帆和Sean的中国婚礼!请与我们一同在一帆的家乡——赤峰,共同完成我们婚礼的第二乐章。我们准备了典雅的古风婚礼传统,和充满活力的现代舞会。宾客们不仅会时光穿梭回辉煌古代中国,更将在古风仪式、地域音乐以及美酒佳肴中,深度体验到内蒙古现代城市独特的文化与风情!

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