Yash & Anika



Anika Gupta


Yash Patel

April 20, 2024

Our Love Story

Our love story starts with a very romantic swipe right. He started with a simple "You have a nice smile" to which she responded "Thanks, you too." This was returned with a no-response, for.... about five months. Fast forward to a wedding Yash was at, when all he could do was complain about how the apps just 'don't work.' Two friends he grew up with refused to believe this, and started scrolling through on his behalf. They found the unread message sitting in his app, and thought we'd be great fit. In fact, they said, "Yash, she's the girl version of you." In retrospect, Anika's not quite sure if that's a compliment... Anyways, Yash finally reached out after months and asked Anika to dinner. When they sat down at L'Amico for our first date, they immediately hit it off. They kept ordering and ordering - one app a time - to let dinner drag out as long as possible. They stayed until they were kicked out, and made plans to see each other again the very next day. Anika knew from that day forward this was the man she was going to marry. Four years later, Yash decided it was time to pop the question. He spent months planning a gorgeous proposal that involved taking a boat onto the Hudson. But the week of, Hurricane Ian decided to swarm the East Coast.. which meant no boat. Not to worry though, of course Yash had a (better) Plan B. Remembering Anika's dream to live out her Gossip Girl life in New York, he got the keys to Gramercy Park and put the plan in motion. The morning of our proposal, Anika refused to get ready. She was complaining about putting on makeup, doing her hair, and even tried to wear muddy shoes. Trying to be discrete, Yash kept saying "it's our anniversary lunch, at least dress up!" When they showed up at Gramercy Park, Anika could not have been more excited (but still truly clueless as to what was going to happen). After walking around the park, Yash got down on one knee and finally popped the question. Anika cried so much we don't actually know if she said yes.. but here we are. Our journey together has been full of love, laughs, and more happiness than we could imagine. We can't wait to celebrate the next leg of our journey with all of you in Mexico!

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