yaneli & Jonelle


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April 20, 2024

Valley Center, CA
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Our First Date


We went to the movie theater to watch lion king. I was so nervous that I was hiding behind the gaming machines. When he texted me "im here where are you" I applied back "okay im inside by the gaming machines" he walks over and says to me "why are you hiding" and I say "because im nervous lol but lets go watch the movie" When the movie was over we went to Starbucks to get a drink he asked "do you want something" and of course I said "no im not hungry" even tho deep inside I was hungry but I was shy to eat in front of him lol. when he got his Starbucks drink then we walked to grape day park to have a little picnic. then it got to late we both had to go home but I didn't have a ride so he asked his parents if he can give me a ride. Of course I was NERVOUS lol.

The Proposal


Our 3rd year anniversary we did a airbnb. We were watching a movie and we ate some good dinner like Applebees we order door dash, while we finished eating he started bring me my anniversary gifts like a stitch bear. when we finished opening our gifts then we sat down and watch a other movie we where eating popcorn and out of no where he says "I will be right back babe I have something for you but you gotta close your eyes for me" and I said "okay babe why" at this moment I didn't think anything that his gonna propose. so he gets up and im waiting for him with my eyes covered. Then he goes behind me and says "okay babe open your eyes", I turned around and I see him on one knee and says "you wanna marry me" and I was so shocked that my words couldn't come out and I said "are you playing around is this for real" and he says "yes babe for real" and I said "YESSS" and we hugged. We are excited what the future holds for us.