Ximena & Kyle



Kyle Peterson


Ximena De la Fuente

October 29, 2023

Anna Maria Island, FL

How We Met

Spring 2016

Ximena was a caseworker at Casa Marianella, a shelter for displaced immigrants. Kyle went in one day as a volunteer and got paired with her to work on a bike rental program for immigrants in need of transportation. After a few days of working together, they started hanging out outside of work and became besties. Little did they know that friendship would turn to love just a few short years later.

The Proposal


To celebrate Kyle graduating from medical school and starting his new residency, we decided to go on a fun trip to Greece. After a couple of days of site seeing and adventuring, Ximena wanted to take Kyle to her favorite spot to watch the sun set, Poseidon's Temple on Mount Sounion. After looking around the temple, we found a lovely spot to sit and watch the sun set. Just as the sun went down, Kyle turned to her and started his proposal. She didn't actually realize he was proposing in the moment and got distracted by a cute dog passing. But eventually, Ximena realized what he was saying and before he could even get it all out, she said, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter of our lives with you. See you in Florida!