Jenna & Jordan


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Jordan Fidler


Jenna Winand




September 9


How we met


If you ask Jordan, we met our sophomore year of college. We were neighbors! I lived on the second floor of our apartment building and Jordan's bedroom window happened to be next to the steps on my way up, whenever I would get home I would knock on his window as I went up to my apartment. But if you ask Jenna, we met our freshman year when Jordan came to help her clustermate with statistics homework!

The Engagement

Deep Creek Lake

I was on a family vacation and Jordan was supposed to meet us up there that weekend but, he "couldn't get off work". Needless to say I was not to happy with him! That morning, Lexi and I went out to get donuts for everyone, and when we got back our family friend, Kurt came running out the front door saying "Tyler caught a huge fish and everyone was down on the dock" he told me to just run around the back and go see! Me being me, of course I had to go see this big fish! When I got to the back yard, there was no one on the dock and I spied my dad playing in the bushes and my future father in law Tom on the neighbors dock trying to hide behind their boat (turns out they were the camera men) as I kept walking down the doc, I found Jordan face down in the boat! First thing out of my mouth was "what are you doing?!" Well, he eventually got out of the boat and as we were walking back he turns me around and gets down on one knee with my ring, and my mothers ring and asks me to marry him! To be honest, neither one of use can actually remember what the other one said! When he put the ring on my finger, all we heard cheering behind us and saw all our family up on the deck of the house! And the rest is history!

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