Quinn & Will



Will Rosengren


Quinn Petersen

April 6, 2024

Minneapolis, MN
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How We Met


We both attended the University of Minnesota together and were in the same large friend group. We didn't know much about each other but always would say hello in passing. After graduating in the middle of the pandemic we attended an alumni tailgate for Gopher Homecoming in October. The week before the tailgate I had told my friend, Hannah that I thought Will was cute. The night before the tailgate Will told his friend, Charlie that he always thought I was cute and hoped to see me the next day at the tailgate. We ran into each other the next day and the rest was history!

The Proposal


I planned to take Quinn for a special walk in Minnetonka near where we were looking for houses and then taking her to dinner after. We hadn't seen each other for a number of days due to travel, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to propose since Quinn wouldn't suspect a thing. However, all it took was for me to plan a date night for Quinn to call her mother and ask "Is Will proposing on Thursday!?" She played defense as best she could, and I was in the clear to go ahead with my plan. We went for our walk and Quinn had to remind me to slow down a few times, as I couldn't wait to get to the little black mark on the trail that the photographer had left for me. Once we finally reached it, I got down on a knee, pulled out the ring, and popped the question and all of a sudden we were engaged! We then drove into Wayzata to meet our parents for a surprise celebratory dinner as it all sunk in.

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