Whitney & Lucas



Lucas Mcdowell


Whitney Davis

New London


June 7


Two Neighbors

Lucas and I both moved into the same apartment complex months apart. For quite a while, we both thought the other one was cute, but assumed they were involved with someone else. One day in January, Lucas set the building smoke alarm off while cooking steak (note to self: make sure the butter is not cold when you put it into a hot pan). Meanwhile, I was just waking up for my nightshift as the smoke alarm came blaring through the apartment and woke me up. Like any logical, half asleep human, I jumped in the shower because I didn’t want to be late for work. After I was ready for work, the smoke alarm was still going off. Poking my head into the hall, I noted a random couple knocking on doors to make sure everyone was okay (we have not seen these humans since #spooky). I jumped in with them to pretend I was being helpful (classic move). We knocked on Lucas’s door, he opened it shirtless (if you ask him, he says he was glistening. he was not) and apologized and said he messed up his steak. I gave him a look (specifically: the Whitney glare) and went on my way to work and thought that was it. The next day, I was walking to my car for work, when a black car comes barreling into the parking lot and out jumps Lucas. He ran up to me (who was running fashionably late to work) and asked for my name. After that, it was silent for a while and we both lived on with life. One day in March, I opened my door to go to work and a note falls to the ground. This note was from no other than Lucas. I (running fashionably late for work… again) read the note in my car then brought it into work for all my coworkers to do a dramatic reading. One coworker, Deb, goes “oh that’s so cute, you should text him.” I was not going to text him but Deb convinced me to. Sure enough Lucas and I were talking constantly. I was still lowkey blowing him off every time he wanted to hang out, always coming up with some excuse. One night, Lucas texted me and goes “have you heard the story about lobsters?” I respond “no.” He goes “let me show you” and sure enough five minutes later there’s a knock at my door and Lucas is standing on the other side. That night, we talked for hours and hours, and we had the time of our lives. Since then, Lucas and I have lived our lives together to the fullest, going to multiple concerts, trips, and raising our 5 cats and our puppy. If it wasn’t for Lucas not knowing how to cook steak (hehe), our lives would not be where we are today, and for that, I am forever thankful. Lucas and I are so excited to celebrate our love with all of our closest family and friends 🫶🏻

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