June 12, 2021
Daisy, Arkansas

Aleigh & Kennen


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Kennen Riley


Aleigh Monroe




June 12


Crossing Paths

First comes school, then comes marriage

We met in 6th grade at Lakewood Elementary and were really good friends. Then Jr, high came and we drifted apart but still kept in touch on the regular. Then came HS & College where our friendship became Facebook likes, comments and posts. Finally, our best friends, (who also have come to be our Maid of Honor and Best Man) Cammeron & Candyce Evans got married on 06/10/2017; where I saw Kennen and immediately became shy and hid with a couple of friends. Eventually Kennen and I met eyes and he said hello, and I may of said hello but may have mumbled gibberish at the same time and quickly retreated to my friends again. I could not believe the guy I had a crush on for so long in Jr. High was right in front of me AGAIN! (Found out later he also had a crush on me but again our shyness got the best of each other.) We left the wedding not saying anything more than those jumbled hellos and were thought to never see each other again. A few weeks later, I was on Facebook and chose to comment on a Facebook status of Kennen's and he messaged me in return; from there it became very apparent that we liked each other quite a bit. So, Candyce & Cammeron intervened to get us both to admit it. They sat us down at dinner and begged us to just give it a shot and see where it goes. Well darn them... here we are getting married!!! Thankful for the friends we have and the family that has supported us along the way!

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