Justin & Anna







June 17, 2023

Ellensburg, WA
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Our Story

You know what they say - opposites attract. Anna is the quiet one who prefers a quiet night in painting or drawing with her best friend, sitting in the pasture, clearing her mind with her horses, or traveling the world. Justin is the social one with different friend groups, who likes going out or partying on the lake, hunting, fishing, and has spent more nights in a tent than a hotel room. Being together has taught them both to appreciate and enjoy many new things - things they probably never expected. Because of Anna, Justin has dipped his toes into the realm of world travel with many more destinations making the list, plummeted into the farm life where he is (very) slowly, but surely learning the world of horses, while teaching her how to build and fix things at the same time. Justin has brought Anna out of her shell, introducing her to more friends than she ever thought of having, has learned that fall isn't "spooky" season anymore, it's hunting season, and that camping in a tent really isn't all that bad. Justin and Anna met on a dating app during the pandemic. After a couple weeks of texting, they finally decided to meet for their first date. Being one of the only places open at the time, who also served drinks to calm the nerves of a first date, they went putt-putt golfing in Snohomish - despite Anna's lack of golf skills. Justin must have done something right because she agreed to let the night go on, back to Justin's house where he cooked for her for the first time. Not knowing at the time, their shared love for food and cooking, Justin had not only won her over for the night, but for a lifetime. It wasn't but a month later that Justin took Anna on a weekend trip to Leavenworth where he asked her to be his girlfriend on February 7th, 2021. Taking a big risk, they moved in together after a short time, being together no more than two months at the time. In the Fall of 2021 they started house shopping where they found their dream property in Ellensburg, Washington. A 20-acre ranch where Anna could make her dreams come true of building a horse boarding and rehab facility, plenty of room for all the animals, and a workshop for Justin. After many adventures together, home and property improvement projects, some blood, lots of sweat, a few tears and TONS of great meals later, Justin knew he would never want to camp, travel, hunt, farm, fish or cook with anyone else. With the help of her best friend, Justin picked out the perfect ring and came up with a plan. On September 10th, 2022, he rushed her through dinner so they could "fish" one last time for the night before the sun set. Anna unknowingly handed Justin a small wooden box, thinking it was Justin's Grandpa's favorite fishing lure he wanted to try, when it was really a ring. Floating on the calm river, with the sun setting behind them, Anna was speechless, when Justin got down on one knee, opened that same wooden box that was in her hand just moments before, and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. After convincing her he wasn't joking, she said yes as he slipped the ring on her finger.