Amanda & Sean







September 2, 2023

Seattle, WA

Our Origin Story

2 Wheels 1 Love

Sean and Amanda met via the love of scooters and motorcycles and mutual friends in Seattle, WA in 2015. Amanda had recently moved to Seattle and was just starting to make her presence known - if you know her - it didn't take long! Mutual friends invited Sean and Amanda (separately) to Darcy's Thanksgiving dinner. Neither of the two would know how much this invite would change their lives for the better. This was one of the first times these two were able to really talk and connect. They talked scooters, music, concerts and so much more that night. As the story goes, neither of them had sparks of love flying immediately - apparently their friends saw differently - and they were right. It didn't take long for that spark to light up into a full raging bonfire! Sean and Amanda soon moved in together, then bought a house and added a few more animals and scooter/motorcycles to the collection! Now after almost 8 years together they are ready to get Hella Committed! The ceremony will take place at the 2% Scooter Club's annual summer camping rally in June 2023. For those who are not able to make it out to the rally, there will be a second celebration again in Seattle, WA at Hooverville Bar on September 2, 2023 - 4 PM - 8 PM. Please join them for the "After Party".

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