The Walker Prime Day






November 17, 2023

Orlando, FL

How We Met

"It all started with a Mouse"

Alyssa and Carlos met in Pharmacy school. One lovely evening in downtown Orlando, Alyssa saw Carlos' Apple Watch and much to her surprise, Mickey Mouse was on it. They started talking about Disney, exchanged stories about their childhood in Orlando, and debated over who had the most valid claim to 32824.

Our First "Date"

"The Mermaid who brought us together"

After several weeks of text messages and phone calls, Carlos asked Alyssa if she wanted to try his favorite drink at Starbucks. Despite the confusion surrounding which Starbucks location was agreed upon, Alyssa finally made it. Carlos began to explain why the White Chocolate Mocha Latte was unparalleled and how the free drink program could be leveraged to obtain it. An order was placed for a Venti White Chocolate Mocha Iced Latte with two additional shots of espresso. The fancy five-shot-loaded beverage was prepared and then he proceeded to ask for two tall cups half-filled with ice. After meticulously redistributing the Venti drink into two cups, he proudly explained that redeeming his one free drink reward that day was essentially like redeeming 2 free drinks. Alyssa has been in love ever since.

Our Engagement

"Third Time's the Charm"

Alyssa and Carlos set sail on their first cruise together aboard Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas in May of 2022! They loved their family cruise adventure so much that they found themselves booking another Bahamian voyage for the two of them just two months later. Beautiful beaches, unlimited ice cream, and bingo everyday - what's not to love? The open seas called out to them one more time, so they answered the call and booked a family cruise to celebrate Christmas. On Friday, December 23rd, 2022, Alyssa, Carlos, and their families boarded the Independence of the Seas, but this time one of them smuggled in some precious cargo. On Saturday, December 24th, 2022, underneath the Christmas tree, with their families bearing witness, Carlos asked Alyssa to marry him, and with much love, she said yes! After dating 6 years, 11 months, and 1 day, it was simply the best Christmas she could have asked for.