Virginia & Joshua


Joshua Davis


Virginia Stephens


March 10, 2024

Ennis, TX
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Our Story

After graduating both respected high schools Joshua and Virginia both went on to attend Navarro College in 2019. Upon freshman orientation both ended up placed in the Drane Hall group,which of you know Virginia she was already panicked by not having a safety person. Josh approached the shockingly quiet and mild Virginia and struck up a conversation asking her for her snap. Later that day they got dinner together at the food hall and just clicked as friends,many laughs were had at this meal . For years they kept in contact growing a friendship and helping each other cope and overcome difficulties.By the time 2022 came around they were really close friends,they’d been there through many arguments,multiple attempts at talking,and a few major life changes but they never wavered from checking in with each other. Randomly in July 2022, Virginia invited Josh to come over and hang out for awhile…surprisingly he said yes. He drove to Midlothian from Waco at 11pm to go hang out with her. He ended up staying the weekend and eventually decided he wanted to stay forever!