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Chase Price


Victoria Hawley

June 29, 2024

Jefferson, NC
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How We Met


Chase and Victoria met for the first time through a mutual friend (thanks Rob!) during the summer after their junior year at Appalachian. Chase had just returned from studying abroad in Spain and Victoria was gearing up for her study abroad trip in South Africa. Fast forward to senior year at a fraternity date function at Klondike, Chase spots Victoria from across the room and makes his way to ask how South Africa was. Victoria didn’t remember that they met the year before, and had no idea how he knew that she had gone to South Africa. Chase was just genuinely curious how the trip was… That’s all. At least so he says. They continued to talk throughout the night, and Chase was unsuccessful in convincing her that he was on season 2 of “So You Think You Can Dance”. Later on in the night, Victoria asked Chase why he didn’t have her number, and from that point on, the rest was history. The two continued to talk throughout the next few days and weeks, and shared their first date at Appalachian Mountain Brewery listening to live music. After spending time together for the month prior to graduation, Victoria told Chase that he was her boyfriend. Yes, you read that correctly. Victoria went on to Graduate School at UNC, and the two spent almost every weekend visiting each other for four years before Victoria was able to move to Charlotte.

The Proposal


Chase and Vic's favorite hiking and camping spot is on top of Grassy Ridge Bald Mountain, part of the Appalachian Trail running through NC and TN. Chase took Vic on their favorite hike to this spot, made sure she ate once they got there "to make her more agreeable", popped the question, then popped the champagne. We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. See you in the mountains!