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October 6, 2023

Simi Valley, CA
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How They Met

Circa 2007

Oscar and Vanessa met at Birmingham High School. Vanessa a Junior at the time and Oscar a Senior - they would often cross paths from their similar friend groups and would exchange in casual hellos. Their acquaintance was short lived and neither of them kept in touch... until they did! Several years later, Vanessa and Oscar were each minding their own business, living life at full speed when suddenly, someone (Oscar) started to "like" and "comment" on someone else's (Vanessa's) instagram photos. This went on for a few weeks, and Vanessa didn't think much of it... until she did. Remember Super Bowl 2015 when the Patriots beat the Seahawks?! Yea, them either, but, what they do remember, is that on that same day, someone (not Oscar) slid into the other's DMs (direct messages). Sparks occurred a few days after the initial DM conversation as Oscar and Vanessa went out for dinner and drinks. Vanessa did not want the night to end and when Oscar dropped off Vanessa from their questionable first date, he said, "Don't forget about me". Vanessa certainly did not. Thereafter, they spent every weekend together and started building their relationship. Going to Dodger games, playing on a kickball team together, attending family/friend events, moving in together, going through the ups and downs of life and more recently, loving their fur-baby, Mookie! After eight years as boyfriend and girlfriend, Oscar and Vanessa are excited to become Mr & Mrs Muñoz and they can't wait to dance the night away on October 6th!