Vanessa & Allon

We are finally getting married!

Watercolor Highlight

Allon Mohammed


Vanessa Osorio


June 17, 2023

Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago
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How it all started

We met in St. Benedict Joseph Labre Richmond Hill, NY. My mother signed my cousin Brenda (Maid of Honor) and I up after coming back from school in Dominican Republic. Here I am the new girl in a Catholic school where everyone knows each other as they grew up within the school together and I am entering 6th grade. Allon was a nerd - well he’s still a nerd. We started as great friends, which, actually I thought he was pretty annoying back then lol. Our friendship grew into the love we have today, which is crazy. He was my first boyfriend and the first boy I said I loved. He was the first to make me cry and break my heart. We dated through middle school, graduated and went our separate ways for high school. Allon always kept tabs on me, called randomly to check in and see how I was - landline days! We reconnected in summer 2002. I had started college and I was actually heading out the door to go on a date when the phone rings. For whatever reason I turned back and answered, it was him lol. I said hello and he said when are we going to get married? So here we are - it only took 20 years beautiful kids, a dog, tortoise and so many wonderful memories and stories, but we made it! Our love is real and has grown and developed into something special. We are so excited to celebrate our love with you!