Vanessa & Ashley


So this is love

Ashley Hyman


Vanessa Cody

How we met


It was youth group at Grace Covenant Church! He says that he knew he needed to know me. He asked for my number and if we could hang out sometime. We became instantaneous best friends.

The Proposal

February 22, 2019

Twenty two years later on a very rainy February twenty second, we were leaving dinner with my sister-friend, April. He announced we would be taking a different way home because he wanted to show me a pretty covered bridge that he knew of near by where we had eaten dinner. I was over the moon excited. I love stuff like that. So I'm in the passenger seat all hyped up about seeing a little slice of 'something mayberry-ish' and he says, "Hang on, I need to check this tire over here. It's been feeling funny". "Ohh..okay", I say, while trying to figure out which one he could talking about because I was riding in the same car and it didn't feel like any tires were flat. Instantly I realized we were at the church that we met at. Indeed, sitting right beside the bungalo our youth group met in. "OhMyGah!", I shout, "We're at Grace Covenant! Let me take a picture!" He patiently waited for me to snap the shot (somehow my door was opened. I can't really remember who did that. I was just too excited to be seeing the old place again). And while I'm checking the shot I got, I notice he's gotten down onto the ground beside me. The wet ground. In the rain. No sooner than I wondered why he was on the ground in his good pants and was turning to look at him he said, "oh and I forgot to tell you (at this point, I noticed the little box in his hand and started scowling at it in confusion) I wanted to pull in here to ask you if you'd marry me for real (now I'm looking at his face). Make it official." Y'all, my breath sucked in but then refused to come back out. After all these years. This guy. At this place. My air finally came out in one big woosh and with it, my tears. I wept (ruined my makeup but whooo cares!). Hugging him and kissing him all over his face and saying 'yes' over and over again. He slid the ring on my finger and kissed me again. "Get off the wet ground, crazy man", I said. And from there, we went to that covered bridge.

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