Valentina & Trace





May 25, 2024

Cancún, Q.R., Mexico
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How We Met

26.1192° N, 80.1442° W

Two strangers unknowingly began their journey toward love as the sun began to set over the glistening waters of the Fort Lauderdale Wharf.   Valentina was visiting, down from Gainesville to see her aunt looking forward to a fun, excitement, and thrill-filled weekend. Trace was a world traveler, making his weekly trip out of Chicago, this time to the sunshine state to see the boys. Little did they know what the weekend had in store…   Valentina was feeling extra confident that night and somehow managed to sneak into the VIP section. She sat down next to Trace, and they struck up a conversation and soon found that they had a lot in common. As they reached for the same bottle their hands touched, their eyes met, and at that moment, they knew they had found something special.   The need to go to Miami was just one of the many commonalities that night. They loved the rosé served that night, were passionate about travel, and shared a deep appreciation for good food and wine.   As the night wore on, they slowly made their way down to Miami, sharing stories and laughs, lost in their own world. They watched as the boats drifted by, the lights reflecting off the water, and Bad Bunny blasting over the speakers. They knew that they had found something special.   Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, as they continued to explore a long-distance relationship spanning from Chicago to Gainesville, discovering new places and making memories. As their love grew stronger, they knew they had found something rare and beautiful and never wanted to let go.   First wed, then engaged, and now time for a proper wedding celebration.   Years later, they returned to the same spot where they first met, hand in hand, reminiscing about that fateful day. They knew that their love story had started in the most unexpected places, but they also knew that destiny brought them together at The Wharf, and they would be forever grateful for that chance encounter.