Sincerely, Uranga


Ian Uranga


Yisrael Spurgeon

February 23, 2024

Chicago, IL
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The Beginning

First comes co-hosts, then comes marriage

August 31st, 2022, was the first episode; Ian and Yisrael became podcast mates on their four-part collab, “The Surge”. Every time Yisrael shared, Ian was invested, and every time Ian spoke, Yisrael was attentive. In episode three of season one, Yisrael entered Ian’s at-home studio to meet up with the rest of the cast but noticed Ian was playing flamenco music in the background. From that point forward, the two became devoted to feeding a friendship based on flamenco culture, booming laughs, old-school rap cyphers, impromptu movie reference lines, and, most importantly, Jesus. There was always this pull towards each other, and they firmly believed it was because it drew them closer to the pieces of a puzzle that led to visions they both received.

The Vision

The Butterfly & The Bar-lights

Yisrael's Vision: In January of this year, when attending one of our Church's college nights, when being lost in worship, I felt God was giving me a slideshow image of a pair of hands repeatedly opening and closing. Every time the hands opened, a moth would fly out. The hands continued to open several times, repeating the same sequence, but the last time these pair of hands had opened, out came a stunning butterfly. I remember seeing this butterfly so vividly, its wings moving slowly, showing off the distinct, unique qualities the moths didn't possess. I remember thinking, "It's so beautiful." Shortly after the vision, I felt God say sweetly, "Take care of my butterfly." I didn't know what that meant. It left me needing clarification, going down the list of who this could be about or be for. Throughout the night, I pondered this in my heart. I couldn't shake how apparent the Spirit's presence was felt over this. Later in the evening, when praying, the Spirit said, "Moths take things, leave gaps, create holes, and don't understand the for value. Butterflies are beautiful, gentle, and lead to a transformation." He repeated again, "Take care of my butterfly, Yisrael." I still couldn't quite make out what this word pertained to, until February 10th, 2022. Ian's Vision: I've always had vivid dreams. They felt real but left enough obscurity to leave you wondering what it all meant. You know that feeling of deja vu where you feel like you have lived a particular moment before, well that's what these dreams were like for me. Over the years, some came to pass in the real world, and in October of 2022, I had dream that would change my life forever. I was sitting at a table in a bar, looking around feeling confused, wondering where I was. I noticed three things. A bar to my left, some lights that were hanging over my head, and that I was sitting across from someone. As I looked across the table, I couldn't tell who it was, but had this feeling of warm and comfort. The dream ended, and I woke up. Immediately, I heard the Holy Spirit say, "That's your wife". Shocked by what I felt God had just told me, I decided to keep it to myself, only sharing this experience with another person. Months later, on February 10, 2023, Yisrael and I headed out on our first date. Knowing that she appreciated a good beer, I took us to a local brewery where neither of us had been before, Half Acre Brewing. As the night continued, there came a moment where everything stood still. I looked at Yisrael sitting across from me, noticing the bar to my left, the lights hanging overhead, and slowly, as she continued to speak, I realized that I had seen this before. At that moment, all became clear. This is what God showed me. This was my wife. The person I had hoped for so many years was sitting across from me. You know the phrase, "When you know, you know"? Well, that's when I knew.

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