Tymber & Nico

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October 20, 2023

Rigby, ID

How We Met

We met in 2012 during soccer season in high school. Nico's sister played on the same team as Tymber and after sitting and watching enough soccer games, it was clear to him that she was the prettiest, fastest, and toughest girl he had seen. He eventually had to ask for her number. They went to a dance shortly after and stared at each other awkwardly all night, it was like a great cowboy novel without horses and just smiling. It was perfect. They dated for around a year, and split ways attending colleges and traveling places familiar and unfamiliar. Tymber during this time never forgot about Nico and the special relationship they had. Around 2020 the two came home unknowingly, within weeks of each other. A few months passed and they began talking, having fires, spending time with family, and getting to know each other all over again. 3 years later and things have sure stuck, making two become one, and continuing on for the next adventure!

The Proposal


We went on a trip to Washington state to see Nico's family, we had rented an Air Bnb for the weekend with Nico's sisters and mom. Spending time walking the beaches and forests for a few days, hitting all the nice restaurants and trying new things Idaho doesn't have to offer! About a year prior to this we had taken our own personal vacation to the same area and found a wonderful beach that overlooked the Semiahmoo bay between the Washington and Canadian border. A year later Nico chose this beach to ask Tymber if he would marry her as it was one of their favorite spots that they had spent time together. Family and onlookers wooed and took pictures of the special moment! It couldn't have happened in a better fashion.

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