Kara & Tyler


Kara Templeton


Tyler Webb

June 24, 2023

Dahlonega, GA
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How It Started

We started our romance all the way back in 5th grade… Tyler had another girlfriend at the time and Kara was smitten with the way he made her laugh in their Horizons class. Tyler left his then girlfriend to start things up with Kara -- but not before calling her first to make sure she was interested. Kara came over to the Webb house for a viewing of "50 First Dates" and pizza. They IM'd regularly until summer came along and Tyler went radio silent. Upon entering 6th grade, he asked if they were still together and she confidently told him no. Little did we know this was just the beginning of our story.

Teenage Love Story

We officially started our relationship Sophomore year of high school. Kara was 16 and able to drive herself to their dates, and Tyler had to be dropped off by his parents or sister. We went ice skating, and baked holiday cookies, and eventually Tyler asked Kara to be his girlfriend. At the time, Tyler was planning to move to Miami with his family and we decided to jump into a relationship despite the impending distance. Luckily Tyler stayed in Georgia to finish high school and the crushes turned from like to love. So many memories filled with locker-side meet ups at school, chats in the driveway after afternoon volleyball practice for Kara and before late night swim practice for Tyler, and endless movies in the basement of Kara's childhood house.

College and Beyond

As you may know, we went to different colleges after high school. Tyler attended GCSU and Kara went off to Athens, and we did not know what challenges and what adventures the 4 years of college would bring us. We spent all 4 years visiting each other’s college towns on the weekends, getting to know each others new best friends, and simultaneously growing individually on our own journeys. Sorority date nights, exams, internships, study abroad - you name it. We graduated college with 6 years together in the rearview, and knowing there was a whole world waiting for us ahead.

The Proposal

We moved in together during the summer of 2020 and a year later, Kara finally convinced Tyler to adopt a dog. In comes our sweet angel Sampson!! After two years of living together, one year of dog parenting, and 11 years of dating, Tyler decided to pop the question. We were spending 4th of July weekend in Big Canoe and Saturday brought the most gorgeous day. We planned on a low key day including a walk with Kara's family and Tyler's mom (and all the dogs of course) and then a trip to a nearby winery. Tyler got down on his knee at the top of the mountain we had hiked to so many times, with a blue sky and beautiful mountain view behind us. After all this time, Tyler still managed to surprise Kara somehow!