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September 16

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How we met "2019"

Sister and online dating

My sister Blake suggested that I try out this dating site called Zoosk! I was already over the whole dating thing at this point. However, I took her advice and went for it! Days, turned into weeks, and weeks turned into a couple of days before my subscription was done. I was at my Nana's house when I received a hello in my message box from Phil. After messaging each other for awhile I gave him my number and he called me. We were on the phone for about three hours. Phil asked me out on a date the next day which was Saturday. At somepoint, I called my sister to tell her about this wonderful man I talked too. She said wait he sounds familiar, she started running the list does he lives here, does he work at this place, did he have trouble with his cell phone? As I'm answering these questions she asked me did I have a picture of him? Which I didn't! She sent me a picture of him, come to find we were talking to the same guy! My sister gave me the Okay, to keep talking to him, they never went on a date, they talked on the phone here and there! She said he seems like a good guy and all she wants is for me to have a great guy, so go on the date. As we're talking Phil calls her on the other line and told her that he meant someone and he really likes her and want to see where it goes. When she got back on the phone and told me what was said we both went "awwwwww we really like him" My sister said I am really happy for you now! Phil & I meant up that Saturday at Dave & Busters we had dinner and we played games. While playing I asked Phil if he knew someone named Blake, his facial expression was looking suspicious like why is she asking me this? I continued and showed him a picture of my sister an I. I told him Blake is my sister and asked him was he weirded out? He said No! We continued to enjoy the rest of our date. That weekend we enjoyed each other's company and went on another date that Sunday! Phil stepped nto a family! He stepped up and took the role of step-dad easily without any hesitation. Many weekends of date nights, and day dates! We never stopped dating each other. He purposed to me on Thanksgiving day 2021, with our mothers, Jsisters, and Blake! I cried like a baby, my heart was filled with happiness and joy. Phil went from step dad to being a first time dad! Our new addition to the Jsisters our little baby girl Jordan Blake Santana was born!