Justin and Georgia's Wedding

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We're getting married!

Justin Fowler


Georgia Twyerould

November 1, 2024

Denver, CO
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How We Met

December 2019

The story of how Georgia and Justin met is as old as time...just kidding..they met on Hinge, a popular online dating app. Georgia had to drag out the texting phase because she refused to go on their first date with a cast on her still-broken ankle. After texting for a while, Georgia and Justin went on their first date and there was an undeniable connection from the moment Georgia bellowed Justin's name from her Uber, as she recognized him a few feet ahead of her as the guy from Hinge. Georgia's characteristic shout startled him so much that the fear across his face was palpable, and Georgia was sure it was at that moment Justin thought to himself "that's going to be my wife".

The Proposal

September 2022

Georgia and Justin visited Denver, Colorado, in September 2022 to get excited about where they eventually ended up moving the following year. Right after landing, they took off to the mountains for their first adventure. Halfway through the hike, overlooking views of striking red rocks and verdant rolling hills, Justin pulled Georgia in for a hug and upon pulling away, dropped down to one knee. Anything he had planned to say quickly escaped him because of Georgia's ecstatic realization of what was about to occur. Before Justin could even finish his speech, she was jumping up and down yelling "Yes"! *the header photo is the view from where Justin proposed