Logan & Emily

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Logan Thompson


Emily Turner

July 14, 2023

Cambria Pines Lodge, Cambria CA

How We Met


We met in highschool, sophomore year, in gym class. We sat in alphabetical order from last name so we were right next to each other. About a week into the school year I realized Logan was also in my English class. I said to him, "hey, we have English together too" he had no idea. Day after day my friends and I decided to annoy him enough to be friends with us. Eventually we all ended up hanging out together in gym class, every day for the rest of the year. That summer he invited me to the fair with his family and that day was when we knew we wanted to be together. July 14th 2014 was when we officially started dating.

The Proposal


The night started with a romantic dinner for our Valentine's day date. Later that night we went to Harveston Lake to exchanged homemade gifts under a lit gazebo. Emily's gift that I made for her was a scrap book in order from when we started dating to now. She also made the same exact gift not planned. On mine, the last page had no picture, but had writing that said "The day that I Proposed". She looked up and I was down on one knee with a beautiful ring. She was very shocked but very happy and you know the rest...