Olivia & Jonathan


Olivia Tullier


Jonathan Fasano

August 27, 2023

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Our Story

A Type A Californian and Type B Coloradan separately navigated through life, eventually landing in Baltimore MD and Washington DC.

An artist and a PA, Jonathan and Olivia soon discovered the trials and tribulations of modern dating and began to wonder where life would take them. In the cold month of January 2020, a moment of allure on a dating app triggered the first point of contact. A dinner proposal to Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore was arranged. While walking home from the hospital after finishing a 14 hour work day, Olivia debated if she should flake on Jonathan, or worse - ghost him altogether. Luckily for Jonathan, Olivia had some great friends who pushed her to go on the date. Once at Woodberry Kitchen, the two shared their first hug at the bar, and began exchanging stories over cocktails and popcorn. Diving into eclectic tapas like chicken hearts and grits, Jonathan wasted no time declaring his distaste for parking garages, cruises, and the DC humidity. The lovely yet goofy evening proceeded, with questionable promise of a second date. A few days later Jonathan reached out, instigating a cascade of witty banter over text. He eventually offered a second date, full of pasta making and friendly conversation. Then--- COVID --- and alas, the two have been inseparable since. Not only do we enjoy cooking at home, critiquing cocktails around town and playing card games at local breweries, we also enjoy rock climbing, kayaking, biking, tennis and exploring all that mother nature has to offer. For our two year anniversary we ventured to Costa Rica where we got engaged! After packing our things and returning to our western roots in the summer of 2022, we now invite you to celebrate the joining of our stories with one unforgettable adventure at Skamania Lodge in Washington State on August 27th, 2023.