Sophia & Charlie



Sophia Tschida


Charlie Powers


September 2, 2023

Bainbridge Island, WA

A welcome note

We love our community

Dear family, both relatives and chosen family - We are so excited to be able to share this celebration of our love and partnership with you all. We love each and every one of you so much, and are grateful and honored to have you in our lives. To gather together and spend this special time with folks from so many different planets in our solar system is such a blessing. Your presence at our wedding will add so much love and joy to our day. We are thankful to each of you who have traveled near and far to celebrate and support us. We are so grateful to our sweet parents, Debby and Jeff, Joe and Joanne, for all of their loving support in preparing for and hosting our wedding. We are so lucky to be joining such amazing, hilarious, crazy families! Love you all so much. Holding memories dear, and looking forward to making more with you all at our wedding and the group camping trip to follow.

About Sophia & Charlie

Best friends and life partners

We met 16 years ago. We built a strong friendship. We were “roommates,” kind of… neither of us actually had a room. Charlie lived on the back porch and Sophia lived under Mitch’s bed in the garden shed. We fell in love serendipitously, in between profound and funny moments at pizza joints, parties, beaches and back porches of Bellingham, Washington. We’ve grown up together. We’ve grown into ourselves, stepped into our power as individuals, built careers, dreamed up a future, navigated a relationship, and smashed the patriarchy. We’ve cried, laughed, learned and danced our way through life together. Equal partners. Twin rivers independently flowing, side by side.

The Proposal.

July 10th 2022

We decided to propose to each other. Sophia proposed to Charlie on their 10th anniversary in November 2021 after seeing one of their favorite bands together in Seattle. She gave Charlie a jade piece hand carved with a dragon and phoenix that she got years ago at the farmers market in Hilo Hawaii. Sophia bought this Jade with the intention of one day giving it to Charlie as a symbol of their love and partnership. On July 20, 2022, Charlie proposed to Sophia on a warm summer night beside a bonfire under the stars at home in their orchard. He lit nine candles in a circle around them, each one lovingly inscribed with a shared value or sweet commitment. He then gave Sophia a beautiful ring made by a sweet friend with ceylon sapphires and diamonds from Sophia’s maternal grandfather George Onorato’s cufflink.

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