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We're Getting Married!

Damian Otchere


Trudie Lamby


August 3, 2024

Asbury, NJ
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How We Met

First comes grade school, then comes prom, then comes marriage!

In second grade, Damian and Trudie found themselves seated next to each other in Mrs. Braswell's class at Jackson Academy. Now, Damian wasn't your average student; he had a reputation as a troublemaker and class clown. Sensing the need for some sanity in her classroom, Mrs. Braswell, sat Damian right next to Trudie. Little did she know, she was about to witness the birth of a legendary friendship. Their connection evolved from innocent play fighting to Damian occasionally copying Trudie's classwork. As they progressed through middle school, their friendship remained steadfast. In the seventh grade, a brief confession of feelings occurred, but after a day of contemplation, they mutually decided to remain just friends. High school brought physical separation as Damian and Trudie attended different schools. Despite this, they kept in touch through periodic check-ins. Damian's prom marked a special moment when he chose to ask Trudie to come to prom with him, deviating from the norm. And she said yes! Little did they know, another important question would be asked years later, and a similar answer would be given. College came and went, with Damian and Trudie managing to squeeze in occasional meetups between lectures and term papers. The challenges of distance began to strain their friendship. This continued for seven years until Trudie's return to New Jersey to visit family became the catalyst for reconnecting with Damian. Since then, they have been inseparable, and now husband and wife to be!

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