Tristan & Ted


Ted Reierson


Tristan McNeil



November 19


Her Perspective

Ted and I have known each other for many years. We met when I started working in the pro-shop at Geneva National. Ted came into the shop to talk about golf for the day and said “Hi I’m Ted” he smiled and then left.. without talking about golf for the day. A few months later I receive a Facebook friend request from Ted. Of course I accepted. I thought he was so attractive. But we all know he was a wild man back then. He was creeping from Facebook for many years. Fast forward to winter 2022 and that’s when we started talking daily, I kept asking Ted to have a drink with me, I even talked to all of his coworkers about it. Ted just kept pushing it off saying “sometime we will”. I remember talking to our friend Moose one day at work about how I asked Ted to have a drink with me and Ted didn’t respond. Moose laughed and said just please don’t give up on going out with him. So I didn’t, I was more persistent with asking Ted to go out. He just kept pushing it off until one day at work I asked Moose and Josh to take me to the shop so I could ask Ted in person. Moose then called Ted to come to the pro-shop to “check something out” Ted then asked why and Moose said just come. Ted’s boss Kevin then called Moose and asked what the deal was… then of course he had to come along too. Ted shows up in the pro-shop and I was waiting patiently to ask. I asked him if he’d go out with me that weekend and he said “yeah I’ll call you, we can go out for lunch” everyone laughed and said during the day?! Our first date was to a bar in Lake Geneva. We had lunch and laughed and talked for hours. Ted then decided to take me to his favorite dive bar where he then called Moose and told him the date was going horrible and he needed rescue. (Kidding of course) We then went over to Moose’s house and I met a crap ton more people that they all hang out with. We stayed there all day talking, drinking and watching basketball. We spent everyday together after that day. I knew from that moment that he was my forever. 6 months later he proposed. ❤️

His Perspective

Tristan seemed to have a crush on me for a while. I don’t know what took me so long to go on a date with her. But after several weeks of talking i gave her a chance. Several Busch’s lights and laughs later I found a wife and the love of my life. I’m a lucky man! Party on 🤙🍻💍🕺🏼