July 9, 2021
Shelby Twp, MI

Trisha & Trevor


Trevor Grady


Trisha Schwerin


Shelby Twp


July 9


How We Met

“You have to meet Trisha. She’s gorgeous, smart, so much fun, and.. single! She’ll be at our housewarming party; if you don’t talk to her you’re insane and we can’t be friends.” Thanks to the encouragement from a couple of close friends, plans were made and Trisha and Trevor were scheduled to meet on August 15th, 2015. Neither of them saw it coming that this day would change the course of their lives forever! At the party, Trevor and Trisha orbited at a safe distance around each other until Trevor gathered the nerve to finally talk to her. He may or may not have had a mustache and was seen smoking a cigarette during their initial conversation (something that horrified Trisha). Despite those dealbreakers, they met and instantly connected and inevitably hit it off. After a night of getting to know one another, they wasted no time and began texting, talking, and spending time together constantly. Early into their relationship, Trisha was working the night shift on Christmas Eve, while feeling blue that she couldn't be spending time with her family and friends, she was surprised with a gift of Trevor's company and a thoughtful present! Perhaps this is the moment Trisha knew she had found the one. They learned each other’s taste in music and movies, explored each other’s interests, met each other’s families, traveled together, and effortlessly fell in love. Despite a difficult year apart with three thousand miles between them, there was nothing that could keep Trisha and Trevor apart and from spending the rest of their lives together.

The Engagement

It was October 26th, 2019. A cold and dreary Saturday, the type of day that made you want to spend hours wrapped in blankets at home, watching movies. "Come on and get moving!" Trevor was adamant that it was time to start the day-date they had planned in Detroit. The slow-moving Trisha finally got ready and out the door. They were at last on their way to start their fun day (only several hours later than originally planned). The first stop was Townhouse, one of the couple's favorite restaurants to sit at the bar and people watch. They were doing exactly that when Trevor said "Okay let's keep it moving!" Normally Trisha was the fast-moving one, and she found this new sense of urgency in Trevor a bit odd but didn't think too much of it. Next, they made another pit stop, at Trisha’s request of course, at Shinola Hotel to admire the art and architecture, but again Trevor was eager to get to the next destination. So they began to walk down Parkers Alley, huddled together under an umbrella. The next part was a bit of a blur and time seemed to be going in slow motion. Trevor was on one knee saying beautiful words and with tears of joy Trisha put out her hand to see a beautiful ring! Overwhelmed with emotion, the couple happily trotted down the rest of the alley to The Brakeman, to try and grasp what had just taken place. Again, Trisha was shocked after walking inside to be greeted by her friends and family with congratulations, tears and happiness. It was a day they would never forget!

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