Casey & Andrew

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Andrew Thomas Morse


Casey Gale Trimble

August 12, 2023

Lowell, MI
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Our Story

Andrew and Casey met how many people meet these days - with help from the internet. Growing up, Andrew wrestled against and with Casey's brother, Nick. Andrew knew of Casey, but had never met her. After being friends with Casey on social media for a while, Andrew got the bold idea to send her a Facebook message one summer day in 2018. At this time Andrew lived in Reed City and Casey lived downtown GR. Casey was not interested at the time due to the distance and didn't respond again after her initial response. Andrew deleted the messages, embarrassed in his failed attempt. Fast forward three years to July of 2021, Casey was looking through old messages trying to find something to show her mom. Noticing the old message Andrew sent, she mentioned it to her mom who encouraged her to reach out again, because “YOLO”. With the help of some wine and the encouragement from her mom Casey decided she would give it a shot. Andrew noticed the message, but didn't want to come off too eager, so he waited two days to respond. Given the lack of response in two days, Casey thought her attempt was in vain and deleted the message and was ready to forget about her attempt. At this point, Andrew was coaching college wrestling while getting his master's degree and lived in Adrian, Michigan about 2 and a half hours away. Andrew eventually responded and they decided they should meet despite the distance, so Andrew and Casey decided to meet half way in East Lansing. They met at a brewery and walked around Casey’s alma mater afterwards. The relationship flourished and the two put up with the distance for a while, driving to each other when possible, and meeting halfway when they could. In the spring of 2022, with Andrew nearing the completion of his master's program, and his coaching stint over, Andrew packed up his things and his cat Smokey and moved in with Casey and her dog Charley in Grand Rapids. Lowell will always hold a special place in Andrew's heart as he attended school there, proposed to the love of his life there, their wedding will be hosted there, and it's where Andrew and Casey recently just bought their first house. It just goes to show, a little courage and a message can lead to things you never imagined.