Jennifer & Trey

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Trey Conner


Jennifer Ngo

October 17, 2023

Phoenix, AZ

Our First Date


Trey chose the location of our first date, of course he decided on a gaming place. We met up at Dave and Busters (Where I kicked her ass in all the games, the ones I lost were definitely on purpose -T). After many rounds of Air Hockey, Luigi's Mansion, and House of the Dead; we noticed it had gotten late. Time sure has flown by. He walked her to her car and that was when she surprised him with a hand drawn picture of his favorite character from his favorite show (Starting my long line of superior gift giving -J).

The Proposal


Jennifer was looking forward to meeting Trey at her Parents house for some delicious food after work. He was supposed to be learning how to fill her tummy up with yummy food, but little did she know, he was scheming all this time and had bigger plans. When she drove up to the house, she realized that Trey was not there to greet her at the door and found it odd, but chucked it off as maybe he's busy. When she opened the door, she found it weird that the house was dark and as she peaked around the corner she saw Trey, kneeling there on one knee with fake rose pedals in front of him spelling out "Will You Marry Me?" (He used fake ones because he knows how sentimental I am and would want to save them -J) . She instinctively blurted out, "What are you doing?" Then Trey proceeded on asking Jennifer to marry him and she said "Yes".