Candace & Trey

It is time to celebrate our love with all of you!

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Candace Hamilton


Trey Sanders




September 29

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Our Love Story

Our love story is the true testament of “it is all in God’s timing”. We both grew up in Riverdale, Ga living minutes from each other attending the same schools. Trey played football, while I was a cheerleader. This meant spending our school years in a very close proximity, but never saying a word to each other. We were spending countless time under the Friday night lights with the love of our life and we didn’t even know it. It was not until after graduating college, Trey decided to reach out to my brother, Brandon. They played Football together, so Trey felt like it was only right to ask my brother if it was okay before proceeding to ask me on a date. Trey slid in my DM and the rest is history. God allowed our paths to cross at the perfect time.