August 29, 2017
Lehi, UT

Tressa & Zackary


we're getting married

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Zackary Wixom


Tressa Roberts




August 29


His First Love

Holding Hands

Zack fell in love with Tressa in the spring of 2014 on a high school art history field trip to San Francisco. On the first day, Tressa asked to sit next to Zack on the bus, and from then on they were inseparable. Through the time spent together in museums and trying restaurants, Zack began to fall for her. As the trip began to come to an end, Zack knew he wanted to make a move. However, with every moment that presented itself, Zack found himself too nervous to do anything. On the last day of the trip, the final opportunity came. While walking around the pier, Tressa split off from the group of friends. Zack, not wanting her to be on her own in San Francisco decided to go after her. As Zack walked with her, the only thoughts going through his head were of how he could do or say something to show her how he felt. Zack thought of all the opportunities he had had throughout the trip, and how they had come and gone. He knew he had to take advantage of this last chance. On the walk back to the hotel, scared out of his mind of how she would react, Zack grabbed Tressa’s hand. To his surprise, she didn’t let go! His mind began racing faster and faster. He didn't know why holding her hand was such a big deal to him or why it was so scary to make that simple gesture. On the plane ride back they sat next to each other, and back in Utah Zack asked her to go on their first date. The first date lead to another and another, until they started spending every day together. Through their time spent together Zack got his chance to kiss her, but that’s another story for another time. Ever since that last afternoon on a pier in San Francisco, holding hands has become a more meaningful symbol to them both – a gesture of the simple yet intimate commitment they have to each other.

How We Met

Worth The Wait

You could say that Zack and Tressa were high school sweethearts. Although their paths crossed many times while attending the same schools since the second grade, they did not truly find each other until Zack asked Tressa to Prom their senior year. When Tressa said “yes” to being Zack’s Prom date, she had no idea that it wouldn’t be the last time she would respond “yes” to one of his proposals. After a blissful summer of rock climbing and mini golf, they spent their first semester of college together at BYU. Soon after, Zack received a mission call to serve as a missionary for the LDS church in New York, New York South Mission speaking Spanish for two years. The two years apart were difficult for both Zack and Tressa, but their weekly letters kept their connection strong and enduring. Since their reunion in January 2017, their love story picked up right where it left off. They have not been separated since.