Caroline & Evan

Welcome to our adventure!


Evan Shortes


Caroline Duffy


August 10, 2023

Gorham, NH
69 days69 d15 hours15 h3 minutes3 min57 seconds57 s

How we met

We were "SOLE" mates.

It all started when Caroline moved home from Brooklyn for a "week" to escape the pandemic until things cleared up. That Saturday, she went over to her brother's house to hangout for a bit. Walking in the door, she notices a guy wearing the EXACT same shoes as her. Black vans gum soles. They shyly converse until he boldly states "dude, we are wearing the same shoes!" Evan continues to travel two hours south every Friday to visit MA. Needless to say, it took her a long time to realize he was spending so much on gas just so that he could see her. After four months, she finally made her first drive up to NH to visit him. He suggested they drive up the Mount Washington Auto Road. Upon reaching the base, the ranger explained that it was closed due to high winds. So Caroline suggests that they hike up instead. It was 2pm in the afternoon and they were wearing skinny jeans and Evan, a rugby jersey. They had maybe half a bottle of water and a polaroid camera. The trail was full of tourists and they hastily turned onto a skinnier trail that looked more peaceful. They come upon a sign that reads: "Do you really want to take the Huntington Ravine Trail to the summit? This route is often called the most difficult trail in the White Mountains" Caroline and Evan shrug off the spooky sign and proceeded to a river bank. They soon lost the trail blazes and found themselves bushwhacking along the river. After a few hours, they found a bridge and finally made their way safely down to the car. They return to NH a few weeks later with proper gear on the much safer Tuckerman Ravine Trail. It was one of the most rare perfect September Days on Mount Washington. They soon fell hard and fast, for hiking and for each other. Caroline discovered the NH48 challenge - where you hike all 48 peaks above 4000' in NH. It quickly became a serious goal for them, and they worked hard on tackling new peaks every weekend together. Skipping parties, sleeping in Walmart parking lots, saving money for gear, and waking at 3am on a Saturday became their usual. With each summit they obtained together, their love grew stronger. Adventures in the Whites became the glue that bonded them together. Collecting experiences in the pocket of their hearts became more important to them than anything physical on this earth. On August 15, 2021, they concluded their NH48 on Mount Madison. At that moment, they vowed to always live adventurously and unusually. Caroline and Evan hoped to experience all of the beauty of God’s creation while their bodies are capable. They cannot explain the healing and happiness they found in His creation. Because of the NH48, they soon became called to take their adventures out on the Appalachian Trail in April 2022. It became yet another obsession. They feverishly watched AT documentaries on Youtube and carefully planned out the gear they would take. Their hike started on April 7, 2022 and they recorded every single day of their journey. Gypsy & Fern are the trail names they went by. They posted their vlogs on their Youtube channel and found warm friendship through their viewers. Evan & Caroline reached the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail on Day 176 of their hike. On the summit of Mount Katahdin, Gypsy got down on one knee and asked Fern to be his wife. And it was then that their next adventure began. Two sole mates hiking the trail of life together.