June 6, 2022
Brooklyn, NY

We’re Getting Married!

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Meet our amazing family and friends walking down with us.

Kenneth Earl Toon Sr.

Father of the Bride

My best friend, my first love, my Daddy! I don't have the words to express the gratitude and joy in my heart that you are here celebrating this journey with me. You have been my superman from the start and as the years go on I see more and more why you are so deserving of that title. You set the clearest example of the type of man I deserved. Never wavering on showing consistent support, stability, giving the best advice, unconditional love and lots of laughs. I am so blessed to have you and I thank God for you everyday.

Phillip James Barton

Father of the Groom

Son of Leonard. Dad you are charismatic and kind. You’ve lived a memorable life with a story for almost every occasion. I’m truly grateful to still have you, and for you to join us on our most special day.

Marcia Diane Jackson

Mother of the Bride

You are the most kind, thoughtful, compassionate human being on this planet. Not to mention hilarious and super fly! You have taught me so much about so many things and I will be forever grateful. I will forever cherish our cooking segments, dance parties and singing sessions. Thank you for always believing in me and doing all that you could to ensure I had the best life. I am elated to share this day with you.

Darlene Ross Barton Dial

Mother of the Groom

Drill Sargent. Master Chef. Consultant. Friend. Queen Mother. There is literally nothing you can’t do. You’ve taught me countless lessons throughout my life and I get overjoyed thinking of that dance we’ll share together. I love you Momma.

Ashley Naomie Hinds

Maid of Honor

We meet in 2009 in college. You made my first experience in college more than I could have ever dreamed, The best roommate, the best partner in (harmless crime), the one I can always count on to get donuts with me. And now in this phase of life you gave me the most priceless gift. My first and only God baby. The precious Sevyn Autumn Small. Meeting a friend like you is rare. And I thank you so much for being a part of my day, in such a special way (bars lol)

Carl Michael Hackney

Best Man

When you think of a best man, you think of Carl Michael. A good friend. A hard worker. A great husband. An amazing father. Carl and i are first cousins who bonded at an early age through sports, music, mutual admiration for our fathers, and squabbling with our older sisters. They taunted us relentlessly. Over the years we've shared life's lessons in a way unique to us. We build each other up, and keep each other grounded. You know, best man stuff.

Yeside Imani Benson

Matron of Honor

You've been there for as long as I can remember. From tennis lessons and girls scouts as little girls, to visiting you in college and going on vacations as women. You are the most hilarious, motivating, inspiring, best advice giving friend a girl could have. I am older yet you've taught me so much, most recently what it means to be an amazing wife. Thank you for all the years of laughs and love, and for being my Matron of Honor

Scott Blakely


Scott you’re one of my oldest and best friends. From the early days partying in your basement, to taking trips across the country and beyond. You’re a quick wit, with a heart of gold. Thank you for taking this journey this with me.

Betsy Winnie Toon


The biggest smile and the best energy. I always appreciate how easy you are to talk to. From clothes and natural hair to motherhood and what it means to be a wife. It is always light and positive. You are an amazing mother to my 2 beautiful nephews and great wife to my big brother. I am so grateful that you are sharing this day with me and I get the pleasure of returning the favor; making you bridesmaid in my wedding, like I was in yours!

Kenneth Earl Toon Jr.


Kenny I thank you for all the kindness you’ve shown me. Your vibe is always chill and friendly. You’re also a great example of what husbands and fathers should be. I’m already learning a great deal just watching you. Akilah is lucky to have a big brother like you and it’s easy to see why. I’m excited for our future and so grateful that you’re here to share this time with us.

Nyla Marie Tyndal


You are like the little sister I never had. I remember when I used to pick you up when you were crying, and now you're a beautiful young lady that I am so proud of. You are so kind and thoughtful, family oriented with a smile that can light up any room. The fashionable model of the family with the craziest makeup skills, and the biggest heart. I am so grateful you are sharing this day with me!

Matthew Raymond Sereduk


Matt has the kind of positivity that is contagious. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him too upset about anything. On top of being a great friend and husband, he’s a complete goof ball. When the party starts, be sure to stand next to him for a good time.

Whitney Colleen Barton


Whit! From day one you have been so warm and welcoming. I can so clearly see why Christopher adores and looks up to you. Amazing mother, insanely hilarious and so easy to talk to. One thing about you is you always keep it real! I love that and so many other things about you. I will be forever grateful you are in my life and sharing this time with us.

Terrell Barton


My one and only brother. It's been a joy watching you grow into such a kind and humble man. Armed with a Casanova spirit, and an unrivaled R&B playlist, I wouldn't be surprised to my find my little brother near the DJ booth. P.S. He's Single

Camille Lilianna Burney

Junior Bridesmaid

Camille you are simply amazing. A scholar. An athlete. A thespian. And a teenager to boot. I could talk about you for hours. You future looks so bright and we are so incredibly proud of you. We thank you and your mother for joining us on our most special day.

Frank Ford IV


Frank you’re a legend. You’ve taught me a lot about being myself and have been like a brother to me for over 15 years. From thanksgiving football games every year to backseat freestyles we’ve seen a lot together. Your personality lights up the room and no matter how much time goes by we always pick up where we left off. A sign of a true friend. I’m honored and thank you for sharing this day with us.

Ava Kye Jackson

Junior Bridesmaid

I remember when I used to give you baths when you were a baby, and now you have grown into a beautiful young lady old enough to be a junior bridesmaid! You are mature beyond your years, so polite, kind, intelligent with the most contagious laugh. With a smile that lights up a room, with the most amazing energy. I am so blessed to have you here sharing this day with me.

Kaelib Reyes Toon

Junior Groomsman

Kae! You are my first nephew and you made the experience more than I could imagine. We have a bond very few have. You are so kind, the most amazing big brother, insanely smart with the coolest style! Over the years watching you grow has been one of the most incredible things of my life. Words cant express how happy I am to be sharing this day with you!

Mya Paris & Ava Paris

Flower Girls

Miss Mya, You’re growing so fast and it’s wonderful to see. You have such a fun nature and probably the best side-eye if ever seen. Miss Ava, You're as sweet as can be with such a big heart with a hint of sass loll. Thank you for always reminding me to fix my broken cell phone. Its fixed. Thank you both so much for sharing this day with us!

Julien Soto

Junior Groomsman

Jules I’m so proud of you! You’re such a kind and bright young man. I know you’ll do incredible things and be a great example for your brothers. Thank you and I can’t wait to see you all dressed up again!

Charlie, James & Jack Harding

Ring Bearers

You boys are the sweetest things I’ve ever known. You all have made the last 7 years absolutely magical. My mini best friends. Over the years you can't imagine how much you've taught me. There was never a day one of you didn't make me laugh hysterically, never a day you didn't help me practice patience haha and definitely never a day where I didn't feel super grateful to have you three in my life. As best friends should, you all have been inquiring about Chris and I relationship from the beginning! I remember telling you guys about him almost 2 years ago and James yells out "Akilah are you going to marry him?!" followed by Charlie "You know you're going to have to kiss him if you marry him right?" LOL I can't think of anyone better to walk our rings down the isle. I love you boys so much!

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