Amanda & Tom


Amanda Rhim


Tom Scheper


Thousand Oaks


May 18


Our Story

Amanda and Tom's paths first crossed in 2018 during their first semester at Notre Dame Law School. As luck would have it, they were placed in the same 1L class since Amanda ambitiously went straight through undergrad to law school while Tom took a year off to study for the LSAT as well as the greens at Annandale Country Club. It didn't take long for them to meet, as they both frequented Thursday night bar reviews to drown their sorrows of 8:00am classes, embarrassing cold calls, and 200-page reading assignments. When Tom discovered Amanda was in the same Civil Procedure class as him after hearing her answer a cold call she clearly read straight from Quimbee, it was then he decided to take the whole law school thing seriously and asked Amanda to study with him. After Amanda noticed Tom seemingly knew the class material well and that he knew as many Jersey Shore quotes as she did, she decided Tom could accompany her to her second home, the law library. During this time, Amanda and Tom's friendship, shared sense of humor and admiration for each other grew exponentially. They both knew their compatibility was unlike anything they'd experienced before, which made it easy for their lives to blend together seamlessly, with Tom becoming a pet parent to Amanda's rabbit, Bun, and Amanda breaking 100 within the first year of Tom teaching her how to play golf. They've also shared in many new experiences together that have tested their relationship and pushed them past their respective comfort zones, including cage diving with sharks in O'ahu, hiking the Swiss Alps during a snowstorm, and sitting through three-hour dinners with Tom’s dad. After five years of being in each other's lives, Tom proposed to Amanda on Grace Bay beach in Turks and Caicos during sunset. Tom swears he was more nervous in this moment than he was swimming with the sharks, but needless to say, Amanda said yes. The couple celebrated being newly engaged by hitting the town and going to Turks' renowned Ritz Carlton casino. Although they didn't run into Drake, it was still the perfect engagement. We can't wait to celebrate with you in May!

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