Tocacia & Jeffery


Tocacia Thompson


Jeffery Lusk



November 11

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A Godly Gift full of Love and Compassion

Dating with the Kids and then comes marriage!

We met online in hopes to find a longlasting friendship that could possibly lead to love. Surprisngly that is exactly what happened. We began dating with our kids taking them along to just get to know eachother. Who knew that we would fall hard for one another. We traveled the distance from GA to TN and TN to GA getting to know eachother. After many long conversations and lots of quality time spent we decided to actively and exclusively date to see where it would take us. Prayer was the foundation and key to knowing how to seek our love. There were many moments of serious talks and even tears that shed, and through it all we still found ways of bringing it all to center for the good of the relationship.