September 1, 2018
Mount Hamilton, San Jose, California

Tiff & Josh



Joshua Weinberg


Tiffany Limmanjing


Mount Hamilton, San Jose


September 1


How We Met

Sometime in 2005ish

We met way back in high school and became quick friends thanks to our mutual friend Lawrence. Back then I never could work up the courage, and instead spent our lunches together programming random programs on her calculator (I’m sure this is very surprising). Ten years later once I realized what I could have had this entire time, I finally asked her out.

The Proposal


April 19, 2017 was a beautiful day (like most days in California). But, this day was special. It was our 3 year anniversary! We had a reservation planned at Adega, a Portuguese restaurant, in downtown San Jose. The plan was that we would both be home by 4:30 pm and leave by 5:30 pm. As I was getting ready, applying make up, Josh mentioned that he had a present for me and if I would like to open it before or after dinner. Since we are on a time crunch I told him after dinner, still puzzled since we don’t usually give each other anything for anniversary. Josh changed his mind and insisted on giving me my present that very moment. To my surprise, with one eyeliner partially done, he proposed then and there in our bedroom. Lol. I said YES and have a very hard time trying to complete my make-up in time for our dinner :)

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