Jackie & TJ

We are ready for our Happily Ever After!







November 19, 2023

Montgomery, TX
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How We Met


We met on the bus on the first day of my sophomore and his junior year and unknowingly had been living less than a few blocks away from one another for years. Over the next few months we became best friends and absolutely denied to anyone that there were feelings of any kind between us and we were strictly friends. Of course when we realized we didn't like the other person dating anyone else, we finally decided to give a romantic relationship a try, which was the best decision either of us has ever made!

Our Timeline

08/25/2014 - First Meeting 12/21/2014 - First Kiss 03/16/2015 - Started Dating 10/03/2021 - Got Engaged 11/19/2023 - Getting Married

Our Lives Together

We couldn't be happier about how our journey has turned out. We have been through high school and college together, and have had the opportunity to see each other grow and blossom as not only individuals but as a couple. Our biggest goal in life is to always continue to move forward together through the good and the bad, the happy or sad. We not only will support each other but those in our lives who have done nothing but support us and our story as we have transitioned through our years together. We feel so lucky to have such amazing friends and family who have guided us to this point!