Tishania & Rangel

“We’re getting married!”

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Rangel Zayas Jr.


Tishania Bobb




August 26

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Our Story


Junior and Tish met at work, IHOP in 2015. Who would’ve thought the International House of Pancakes would become the International House of Love. Junior was always curious about Tish’s dating life, every shift asking if she has a boyfriend and what’s his name. With Junior being a name we all know him by, Tish would respond with his first name “Rangel”, not knowing the energy being placed in the universe. God is a very funny man. In 2016, Junior and Tish began their journey together as “Rangel” became her boyfriend. Right after leaving IHOP and Tish graduating nursing school, in 2018, they welcomed their son, Jayden. The perfect unit including Junior’s daughter Bella. They finally had the opportunity for their first vacation together, St. Marteen. They went to Maho Beach to watch the planes fly only feet above them. Of course Junior couldn’t refuse a swim in the beautiful ocean, Tish being the non-swimmer decided to record Junior. Junior encouraging Tish to record the entire time of his swim session had no clue… Junior had the ring the entire time! (Talk about bravery to swim in an ocean with an engagement ring in your pocket). Junior proceeded with the proposal stating he found a clam with a pearl inside-he gets on one knee with the ring in a beautiful clam shell. Tish excitedly said yes, as they step into the next journey of their lifetime together. Junior and Tish are more than excited to celebrate their union and love with you.