Tioni & Nathan

We’re getting married!!

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Nathan Gurourd


Tioni Melton



May 4

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Our first year together

What a year

Nathan and Tioni met in January of 2022. They met through tinder and didn’t think anything would truly come from it. When they met in person, at the end of February, they knew they were going to be good together. When may came around they met each others families. At the end of March Nathan took a trip with Tioni’s family to Nashville. This is the first time he told her he loved her and that he was going to marry her one day. After an event first 6 months together he proposed at a restaurant in Goose Creek, South Carolina. Under a tequila made me do it sign after Tioni had way to much Tequila. She paid for it the next day unfortunately. When the wedding day finally approaches they will hit two years and done months. But a lifetime ahead of them. And they can’t wait to celebrate with everyone. As they enter married life.