November 13, 2021
Atlanta, GA

Megan & Chad

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Chad Robichaux


Megan Timpone




November 13


How We Met

They used to say, "Never meet people off the internet".

Back in our early teens and twenties, online dating wasn't popular like today and the idea of meeting someone from the internet seemed creepy and unsafe. Flash forward to 2018 and that's pretty much the only way to meet someone. Lucky for us, the dating site bumble helped us find one another. After talking for almost a week, we finally decided to get together for drinks! We found we had so much in common The two of us both worked for Emory University in the area of medicine. We knew a lot of the same people, but some how our paths never crossed (likely due to Emory's size). We also learned that in 2017, when Chad had his heart revision surgery, I was rotating as a resident through the same ICU! Some how we still didn't know one another! We decided to have our second date at the dog park, so our pups Goat and Dez could meet. They were instant best buds. I think both of us might have known at that moment it was meant to be. After that, we started spending more and more time together. The rest is history. If it weren't for the wonders of modern technology, we wouldn't be here together. Talk about luck!

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