Taylor & AJ

We're getting married!

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October 28

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How We Met!

Our story started in February 2019 in Houston, Texas when we “swiped right” on each other on the Bumble dating app. We were initially attracted to each others smiles but quickly found that we shared a lot in common. We both worked in the construction field. We both enjoyed health and fitness activities in our free time. We both grew up in the Midwest( AJ- Kansas City; Taylor- Milwaukee). After chatting online for a month or so, in March 2019 we went on our first date— coffee and a trip to AJs Saturday church service. We had an instant connection and have been together ever since. In 2020, we became dog parents to a beautiful boxer dog named Mahalo, who we adopted from a shelter in San Antonio, Texas. In 2022, we decided to move closer to family and friends so we quit our jobs in Houston, TX and relocated to Nashville, TN. That same year, we started new jobs in Nashville in the same career fields and continue to progress upwards in our careers. In 2023, we bought our first house in south Nashville. We are excited to continue growing our lives together and looking forward to tying the knot in the Fall of 2023!