Wedding Attire: Cocktail
Wedding Attire: Cocktail

Hannah & Shane


Hannah Laird


Shane Yeo


April 21, 2024

Georgetown, TX
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How We Met


We met walking our dogs (both blue heelers) at a park in Austin. Having the same dog struck up conversation and we exchanged phone numbers. After having long conversations for months we began to go on dates and quickly realized we had something special between us.

How We Got Engaged

February 2023

We drove to Enchanted Rock where Shane was planning to pop the question. However, on the way Shane realized he had booked the wrong date for a day pass into Enchanted Rock. Stressed out and beyond nervous, Shane drove back into Austin where he struck up a back up plan of going up to Mount Bonnell. Once at the top of Mount Bonnell Shane waited for an opening at a perfect spot and time. As people cleared and Hannah looked out at the water down below, Shane got down on one knee and readied the rock. Hannah turned around and saw Shane on his knee displaying the ring. Hannah told him to “stop!” thinking he was only kidding. This was no joke as Shane confessed his love and shakily asked for Hannah’s hand in marriage. She fortunately said yes, you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise.