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Alexander Bischer


Samantha DeVivo

June 22, 2024

Stroudsburg, PA
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Our Story


The story of Alex and Samantha started 11 years ago at Stroudsburg High School. Alex first caught Samantha's eye as he walked out of the stadium in his soccer uniform for a game. Through Alex’s teammate, Samantha passed her phone number along to him. Followed by a few convincing texts from Alex to hangout, the rest was history. After achieving their undergraduate degrees and years of "long distance," Alex and Samantha locked into the next chapter of their lives by moving to Hawaiʻi for their Masters degrees. The life experiences that they had and the amazing friendships that they made during those years helped shape their relationship into what it is today! You can now find the happy couple living in New Jersey. Close to family and friends, they are excited to celebrate the start of their husband and wife era!

The Proposal


For their 10 year anniversary, Alex and Samantha traveled back to Hawaiʻi where they lived for the start of their early 20's. After spending some needed time in the sun, the ocean, and with their near and dear friends, Alex decided it was time to pop the question at their favorite place in Hilo. It was an absolutely perfect way to end an unforgettable trip. Samantha never thought she would be able to say she got proposed to in the ocean, but there they were, engaged with their toes in the sand!

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