Joshua + Gabriela








June 21, 2024

Magnolia, TX
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December 21, 2020

Hi guys! Welcome to our wedding page. First to start, you can call us by our preferred names, Josh and Gabby. On this page you’ll find a little fun facts + our love story! 🀍 Fun facts: Josh grew up in a town called Magnolia, and I grew up in a town called Cut-and-Shoot. Little did we know we were in the same stadium during football season and on the same field during track season. Our schools played football against each other and ran track against each other. Joshua and I actually ran the SAME events. I know, crazy, right?! Love story: Both Joshua and I were living in Huntsville, Texas, where we both attended college at Sam Houston State University and just so happened to both get jobs in different departments at Buc-ee’s (the world-famous gas station). One day, a coworker friend of both of ours was hosting a gathering, and that was the first time I had actually briefly talked to Josh face to face. A few months later, we had a gathering at my apartment, where Josh and I then met again before we became friends and started into the "talking" stage. That year we held my birthday at his rental home, and that was when things between us became serious. We talked a few months longer before making it official on December 21, 2020. Eventually, we became roommates in college while still working at Buc-ees. We both even got promoted with the company, where they called us "The Power Couple". A year later, Josh received the opportunity to prompt for the company, and that’s what brought us out of state to Florence, SC. We bought our first home in South Carolina, where we now live with our fur babies, Walter the rabbit, Rookie the rescue lab, and Rasco the Great Dane. On January 23, 2023, our family took a trip back to Texas, where Josh proposed at the waterway in the Woodlands.