Gerry & Micah

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September 30, 2023

St. Louis, MO

This miracle love story


The basis for our relationship is that above all else we both love God and want to honor Him in all we do. Let us tell you how our love story began! Gerry and Micah have been attending the same church and have known about each other for more than 20 years. In 2007 they went on a mission trip to Kosova with their church. During the trip they were working one room away from each other not knowing what the Lord had planned for them 15 years later. They had no idea they would be calling each other husband and wife. Early in 2022 they separately went to see a pastor who has played an essential role in both their lives. In Gerry’s meeting with the pastor, she shared her prayer book with him so he could read what she wrote about her future husband. The pastor said, “I know someone who can fulfill this and way more.” Gerry’s mom was sitting in the meeting with them and she asked, “ Can I have his initials?” The pastor replied, “M.S”. Gerry smiled and said, “I know who it is! Micah Schneberger!” Her mom said, “I like Micah!” After the meeting Gerry started praying for Micah. Micah had a meeting with the same pastor who told him about a woman he believed Micah would be interested in. He encouraged him to consider reaching out to her, but he did not give Micah her name. At home, Micah prayed about how he would be able to communicate with her. He felt in his heart writing a letter would be a good way to begin a relationship. Even though this felt awkward, in faith he did it anyway. Micah gave the letter to the pastor to deliver to the mystery woman. On May 17, 2022, the pastor delivered Micah’s letter. Gerry anxiously said, “Micah wrote me a letter? Where is it? Can I have it?” As soon as she got home she read it. The letter began, “Dear…” because Micah had no idea who would receive this letter. In the letter, Micah gave Gerry his number and asked if she would please text him. After a few minutes of thinking, “what do I say”, Gerry sent the first text. “Hi Micah, this is Gerry Owens from SLFC. I got your letter.” Texting became phone calls and they talked on and off for a few weeks. On May 29th Micah asked Gerry if she would like to sit together at church. This was their first date. More time passed and they continued to talk. Then Micah took Gerry out to lunch and their relationship continued to grow. Going out to lunch became their norm and led to cooking a meal together, praying together, watching Looney tunes movies and more. On December 10, 2022 their lives changed forever! After the Women's Breakfast at church, Micah asked Gerry if she would like to sit by the waterfall on the church property. Of course she said yes!Gerry was so amazed by the beauty, but noticed Micah was not himself. She asked him, “What is wrong? You are acting different.” He appeared nervous, then he got up and stood in front of Gerry, pulled out a white box, and got down on one knee. Shaking as he opened it, he said, “Gerry, will you Marry me?” Gerry put her hands to her face and, with tears said, “YES!” This miracle love story is just the beginning! Stay tuned to see what God does through Gerry and Micah!