Isaac & Rebekah


Hello! We're so excited for you to celebrate with us!

Isaac Renner


Rebekah Cowherd

October 7, 2023

Campbellsville, KY

How We Met

"All because of a mother's prayers..."

His mother, Robyn, and Rebekah were in a Revelation Wellness Instructor Training small group together when one night she exclaimed, "I have a son about your age!" Rebekah laughed it off but still sent him a Facebook friend request because she thought he sounded like someone who would be a good friend to have. He accepted the request, but they were friends for over a year before they ever even spoke to one other. Robyn prayed they would meet in person or even just talk for that entire time, and has admitted she'd just about given up hope. Rebekah finally sent him a happy birthday message, and two days later Isaac responded. They haven't stopped talking since.

How He Proposed

"I'm going to marry you one of these days..."

Rebekah had been on a weekend beach trip with her sister and their friend. They had driven straight to Kentucky from Port St. Joe, Florida starting at 6am and hadn't even stopped for food when they finally arrived at home around 6pm. Rebekah was hangry and missing Isaac, and had even become annoyed that he wasn't there when she had finally made it home. He called her on his way through town to ask if she wanted anything to eat. Rebekah requested an Arby's sandwich and he asked to watch the sunset together. Isaac picked Rebekah up at her parent's house and they went to her favorite spot on the hill to watch the sunset. As they parked, she started taking their food out of the bag. Upon seeing he got her a 6 piece mozzarella stick, she looked up and said, "I'm going to marry you one of these days!" They finished eating right before the sun began to set. Rebekah got out of the car and walked over to her usual spot, while Isaac took some time to get out of the car. It was chilly and as Isaac walked over, he was shaking while he put his arm around Rebekah. They stood there watching the sunset, and just before it sunk below the horizon, he dropped down onto one knee and asked "Rebekah Leigh Cowherd, will you marry me?" The only thing Rebekah could think to say was "yes." They prayed for their future marriage and danced in the field as the sun slipped below the horizon. Later, Rebekah realized Isaac was shaking not from the cold, but because he was nervous. She later asked him if her comment about marrying him one day gave him a confidence boost, to which he replied it made him laugh internally.

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