November 11, 2023
Myrtle Beach, SC

Medrick & Kira

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Get to know our friends and family who will be playing a very special role on our very special day.

Kira C. Lane


Kira loves cooking, her four dogs, her family, and of course Medrick.

Medrick B. Rainbow II


Medrick loves eating, specifically Kira's food (and his mom's.. and Granny's).

Ronald R. Lane

Father of the Bride

Kira has always been a daddy's girl, and she will tell you Ron is the most selfless, hard working, and compassionate man to ever exist. He possesses the greatest inventory of dad jokes, all of which Kira still finds hilarious to this day.

Medrick B. Rainbow

Father of the Groom

Mr. Rainbow loves his family, ECU football (Go Pirates!), and having two daughters now that both of his sons are married. He’s also affectionately known as Grandad by Nailah, Nevin, and Nia.

Joy S. Harmon

Mother of the Bride

Joy is, well, a joyful human being. She is a true connoisseur of everything Trader Joe’s, and can whip up the meanest five layer German chocolate cake you’ve ever laid your eyes on. After you’ve eaten it she’ll tell you it was vegan.

Kim Rainbow

Mother of the Groom

Mrs. Rainbow is a true southern belle - she runs on Jesus, coffee, and true crime shows, and the occasional glass of wine. Married for 34 years, she’s learned a thing or two, and the bride and groom frequently call her instead of checking WebMD.

Elzbieta F. Nickowski

Maid of Honor

Don't worry, she goes by Ela (like under my umbrella-Ela-Ela-ay-ay-ay). Ela and Kira grew up together in rural Wisconsin. She is a talented visual artist, a Soundcloud rapper and an amazing mother to one of the flower girls. She loves rocks, specifically agates, the great outdoors, and literally every single type of animal. We counted and at one point in time she had 63* pets. *This number has not been verified

Nigel A. Rainbow

Best Man

Medrick and Nigel have been inseparable since Nigel was old enough to hold a video game controller. He can throw down in the kitchen (both making the food and eating it) and recently began kicking butts and taking names in the art of jujitsu. Nigel is a Chief in the Navy and the proud father of Medrick’s favorite people - Nailah, Nevin, and Nia.

Valeree C. Jensen

Matron of Honor

Still in Kira's phone as Flamin' Hot Fleeman, Valeree and Kira met while working at a spa together and soon realized they are sister soulmates after Valeree offered Kira a piece of cheese. Valeree has been many things including (but not limited to) chef and esthetician, but she is most of all a pure angel sent from the heavens. Both hail from the Midwest and they bonded over their love of Tupperware and Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Juan Haney

Best Man

Longtime best friend of the Groom, Mr. Haney spends his days studying for his Doctorate, teaching teachers how to teach at his school, singing the praises of Lebron James, and in the gym. We are so glad he found some time in his day to attend our wedding.

Sidney M. R. Lane


The Bride's younger sister, Sidney will likely be the coolest person present at this wedding. She studies at Portland State University in Oregon, where she is the only person who managed to legally take her cat to college.

Brad Booth


Brad is the groom's younger cousin and is a strength and conditioning coach for Lenoir-Rhyne University, assisting with many sports, but his favorite football team is the Different Broncos. We're still not quite sure where this team is located.

Eleanor J. Nickowski

Flower Girl

Maid of Honor Ela's daughter, Eleanor is full of youthful energy and sass (just like mama). We don't know how so much personality can fit in such a tiny body. Eleanor lives her life as if she's a princess (don't you dare tell her otherwise) but isn't afraid to get her hands dirty outside. She loves Panda Express Orange Chicken and Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.

Nevin M. Rainbow

Ring Bearer

Best Man Nigel's son, Nevin, is the sweetest boy you'll meet. He loves (and I mean LOVES) dinosaurs. He may even sing you his dinosaur song. He's a big fan of illustrated fiction novels, particularly those by Eric Carle and will read you his favorite page over and over.

Nailah R. Rainbow

Flower Girl

Nailah is the daughter of the Best Man, Nigel. Like Eleanor, she is ALSO a princess. This is basically the royal wedding. She is the most wonderful big sister to Nevin and Nia, and her favorite person is Medrick, but she just calls him Uncle. She would absolutely love to teach you gymnastics during the reception, and she directs a surprisingly difficult workout routine** for a five year old. **Sessions available only via Facetime, wear stretchy pants.

Dr. Harry Singleton III


Reverend Doctor Singleton grew up alongside the groom’s father here in South Carolina and has been a close family friend ever since.

If Heaven Weren't So Far Away

We know you'd be here with us today...

In loving memory of Judy A. Harmon | Grandmother of the Bride Phyllis L. Lane | Grandmother of the Bride Rosa T. Rainbow | Grandmother of the Groom Rev. Jonah B. Booth Sr. | Grandfather of the Groom Nicholas J. Harmon | Uncle of the Bride Theresa M. Lane | Step-mother of the Bride