Hanna & Daniel


Watercolor Highlight

Daniel Puetter


Hanna Miller

September 16, 2023

Cape May, NJ
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How We Met!

Gate B26 - December 2017

Hanna had purchased a flight from DC to Charleston for New Year's approximately 3 hours before it was scheduled to take off. Daniel had been visiting DC with his family for the holidays and was heading back to Charleston for New Year's. Hanna was sitting at gate B26, people watching, when Daniel walked by and caught her eye. Just like in the movies, they were booked on the same flight. So it all began at gate B26! After a few looks back and forth, Hanna decided to make the first move and asked Daniel to watch her bag for a moment as she "needed" some water. Surely this would break the ice upon her return. After a "thank you" and "you're welcome"....silence. Just as they were getting up to board, Daniel struck up conversation. It must have been clever because he got Hanna's number before they boarded the plane. Mid-flight, Daniel came and found the empty seat next to Hanna so they could get to know each other better. As Hanna got off the plane, Daniel saw his opportunity, made the smooth move and was there waiting for her at the gate. After a great weekend together in Charleston, they continued to travel between DC and Charleston while dating long-distance for a little over 2 years. In 2020, Hanna moved to Charleston with Daniel and lived happily ever after.